LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Millions of Americans are taking to the road for this Labor Day weekend. While the roads will be crowded, they are being urged to be patient and calm. A new study from Forbes Advisors says Virginia ranks fourth for worst road rage in the United States.

David Reich with the National Road Safety Foundation says road rage could include people tailing your car, weaving in and out of lanes recklessly, shouting and showing obscene gestures, and more.

“A recent survey by the ‘Triple A’ looked at 10,000 road rage incidents over the last ten years and they resulted in 218 deaths, actually they called them murders,” said Reich.

He says in addition to those deaths, the American Automobile Association (AAA) also reported nearly thirteen thousand injuries.

“If somebody’s acting aggressively on the road don’t engage, don’t, don’t make eye contact, don’t return any rude gestures that they make,” said Reich.

Reich shared that the best thing you can do if someone around you is experiencing road rage is just ignore them and safely move away from their vehicle.

Zoi Galarraga with Forbes Advisors said this is the second year the company has conducted the road rage survey.

“These metrics range from the percentage of drivers who’ve been blocked from changing lanes to the percentage of drivers who’ve been forced off the road. A few other metrics that we considered was the percentage of drivers who experienced road rage frequently in their home state, the percentage of drivers who said the other driver had exited their vehicle to yell at them or fight with them, and the percentage of drivers who had been run off the road on purpose,” said Galarraga.

She adds five of the top ten states with the most confrontational drivers are in the south.

However, with the holiday weekend coming up, Galarraga feels that this information is important to keep in mind if you are going to be hitting the road.

“A lot of these factors that tend to increase the likelihood of road rage will be at play such as heavy traffic, people feeling stressed they might be late for their Labor Day weekend plans. It’s just important to be extra vigilant and just be safe while they’re on the roads this weekend,” said Galarraga.

You can find more results from the Forbes Advisors survey here.