RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A tabby cat named OJ frequents Penick Road and formed a bond with Jen Koca — a resident in the Lakeside community in Richmond.

“We all joked that he was the king of the neighborhood,” Koca said.

OJ, the orange tabby cat who lived for months with a bullet in his neck. (Photo courtesy: Jen Koca)

Although the orange cat chose a more nomadic lifestyle — visiting different people’s yards and interacting with various members of the neighborhood — Koca took him in and cared for him. One day, he returned with a noticeable injury.

“He had a perfect circle wound on his neck,” Koca said.

After a couple trips to the vet, Koca learned — through an X-ray — the cat had a bullet lodged in his throat.

OJ relaxing. (Credit: Jen Koca)

Even though OJ now resides in Baltimore, Koca says he will always have a name for himself in Richmond. She posted his story on social media, informing the community about the crime.

According to Virginia state law, harming any cat — feral or domestic — is illegal. Koca hopes Henrico Police can somehow locate OJ’s assailant.

“He was just about to go to his new home when that happened and someone tried to take away his second chance, but they didn’t succeed,” Koca said. “He’s going to live an amazing life.”

OJ received a CT scan on Tuesday, May 24, so veterinarians could determine the likelihood of his survival. Fortunately, veterinarians determined the bullet can be removed, so OJ is scheduled for an extraction surgery with a Baltimore specialist in June.