CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WRIC) — Two fraternities at the University of Virginia have reportedly been removed from the institution’s Greek Life as a result of hazing investigations.

Both Phi Gamma Delta and Kappa Alpha were found to be responsible for multiple incidents of hazing misconduct, according to the University of Virginia’s Hazing Misconduct Report.

Investigation findings for Phi Gamma Delta

The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity was found guilty of multiple hazing misconduct incidents that all reportedly occurred on Feb. 15. The misconduct allegations were investigated throughout March and the fraternity was found responsible on April 19.

According to the Hazing Misconduct Report, new members were instructed to arrive at the chapter house precisely at 10:28 p.m. on Feb. 15. The new members were then asked to blindfold themselves before entering the house.

Upon entry, the new members were led into the house basement where their blindfolds were removed. They were then instructed to consume food items that had been placed in crates. The items included various combinations of milk, bananas, Sprite, mayonnaise, and broccoli.

The new members were split into teams and instructed to race one another in consuming the food items. During the activity, one new member reportedly vomited.

The pledge educator then instructed the new members to put on blindfolds and engage in wall-sits against the basement wall. While the new members were engaged in wall-sits several fraternity members began throwing eggs against the ceiling and walls around them. The basement was dark and loud music was playing. One pledge was reportedly struck in the eye by an egg.

Multiple witnesses reported that the victim was in pain and asked to go to the hospital. No effort was made to call 911 or secure medical assistance.

Five students were referred to the University Judiciary Committee for adjudication as a result of the incident.

Investigation findings for Kappa Alpha

The Kappa Alpha fraternity was found guilty of multiple hazing misconduct incidents that all reportedly occurred between Feb. 5 and May 1. The misconduct allegations were investigated throughout the month of May and the fraternity was found responsible on June 1.

The fraternity was found responsible for hazing based upon the following behaviors:

  • New members were required to carry specific items at all times during the pledging process. Items reportedly included cigarettes, lighters, condoms, beef jerky, chewing tobacco and smokeless nicotine patches.
  • Fraternity members offered “unusual and/or inedible” items to eat, some of which were consumed by new members.
  • New members were assigned the responsibility of keeping the chapter house clean. They were expected to clean up before and after-parties. And, in the absence of a party, were expected to clean the house weekly.
  • The chapter house bathroom and furniture were off-limits to new members.
  • New members participated in a “case race,” in which they were instructed to consume a 30-pack of beer in small groups.
  • An activity called a “cig line-up” involved new members being confined to a bathroom together and smoking all the cigarettes in their pledge packs.
  • New members were asked to drive brothers to various locations around Charlottesville and sometimes pick up or buy food or beverages for them.
  • On five or six occasions, hot sauce was reportedly placed on the necks and backs of new members.
  • New members were required to do pushups and wall-sits as part of line-ups.
  • During initiation, new members were sprayed with water from a hose and had flour thrown at them to stick to their bodies. New members were also hit with coat hangers.
  • Some brothers referred to new members as “goats” when they were in a group together.

As a result of these findings, the University of Virginia terminated the operating agreement with both Phi Gamma Delta and Kappa Alpha. Both organizations may petition to rejoin the university’s Greek Life after four years.

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