NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A 24-year-old Norfolk man arrested two months after a shooting downtown on Granby Street that left three people dead and two others injured had a court appearance on the charges last week.

WFXR’s sister station, WAVY, was in the courtroom for the video arraignment on Thursday, May 19.

Officials announced last week that Antoine M. Legrande Jr. was arrested on Tuesday, May 17 without incident by the U.S. Marshals Task Force and the Norfolk Police Department’s Special Operations Team. He had a gun on him at the time of the arrest, police said.

He’s charged with three counts of second-degree murder, two counts of malicious wounding and firearms charges related to the March 19 shooting, and is being held at Norfolk City Jail without bond.

“Today’s announcement is an important first step in providing justice for the families of these three innocent victims,” stated Norfolk City Manager Chip Filer. “I want to thank our men and women in NPD for their tireless investigative work. Let these arrests show that if you commit crimes in Norfolk, you will be held accountable. If you think you will be able to get away with committing crimes in our city, you are mistaken. We will find you and you will be arrested.”

The shooting left 24-year-old Marquel Andrews; 25-year-old Devon “Malik” Harris; and 25-year-old Sierra Jenkins, a Virginian-Pilot reporter, dead. Two others are expected to recover.

WFXR’s sister station sat down with Malik’s older brother, Calvin Harris, as he processed the arrest of his brother’s alleged killer.

“I wish it never happened,” Calvin stated.

He’s still processing the grief of living life without his brother by his side. It was an act of violence over what police say was a spilled drink.

“I’m just frustrated because it was something that could’ve been talked out,” Calvin explained.

Calvin told WAVY that Legrande’s arrest has brought more pain instead of closure.

“It’s not really a relief because it doesn’t bring my brother back,” Calvin said.

To the man who fatally shot Malik, Calvin wants to know if it was worth it.

“Was it worth it? Was it worth taking lives? I don’t think there’s any situation where people deserve to die,” Calvin concluded.

WFXR’s sister station also spoke with Jenkins’ grandmother, Pam. who said it still doesn’t feel real that Jenkins is gone. It feels like just yesterday she was sitting at the dining room table.

Sierra Jenkins. (Photo courtesy of her family)

“Countless hours of interviews and forensic investigation went into this case, to include following up on multiple tips originating from our community members,” said Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith. “I am very proud of Norfolk’s detectives and their determination to see justice prevail for the victims and their families.”

After the shooting, city leaders moved to increase security downtown, including stricter code enforcement for businesses and the addition of mobile security cameras. There’s also been a renewed urgency to try to curb gun violence.

Former Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone also announced his retirement in the wake of the shooting. WAVY reported that multiple sources said some city council members had pushed for his ouster in the aftermath, though he reiterated in an interview this week that the decision to suddenly retire was his. He did say he “read the tea leaves.”

Legrande plans to hire his own attorneys. He’s due back in court on May 26.