CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WFXR)— According to a new study by Artificial Grass Pros, two cities in Virginia have the most outdoor parks and green space per resident.

The study analyzed data on the available parkland space in the country’s most populous cities to establish the cities with the best access to green space per resident. According to the data, Chesapeake ranks as the top spot with Virginia Beach ranked at number 8.

“Chesapeake, Virginia, comes in as the top city nationwide for those seeking balance between an array of human interaction, and vast green space for exploration and activity,” reads the feature in the study about Chesapeake. “The Virginia city of over 250,000 has close to 60,000 acres of parkland in its vicinity. This equates to 2,300 acres per 10,000 residents.”

As for Virginia Beach, there is a total of 25,993 acres of total parkland in the city. When compared to the 156,555 acres of city land, the city has 560 total acres of parkland per 10,000 residents. This ranks Virginia Beach as the 8th ranked city for most parkland green space with 17% of total acres being parkland area.

“We tend to think of the most highly populated cities as being densely packed, urban, and lacking in open areas,” says CEO of Artificial Grass Pros Bennett Barrier. “It’s interesting to see those with the best potential for access to calm space and nature, alongside the bustle of city life.”

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