WYTHEVILLE, Va. (WFXR)– As millions across the world are still in shock with the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the stories of people’s moments with the queen continue to flood in.

Here in Virginia, Virginia State Police (VSP) Special Agent with the Wytheville Division, Heath Seagle says he was lucky back in 2007 to be on the Queen’s Security Detail when she visited Richmond.

Seagle says he knew about the visit months prior to her arrival, and that he was supposed to help out with security. Although, on the day he was pulled to be on standby at the exact door that the Queen would walk out of.

He says he was shocked by her, but the crowd was more excited.

“It was like… um… I don’t even know how to explain it. People were so in awe that the Queen of England was walking past. She was very accommodating to people. She would stop and talk if she could,” said Seagle.

He adds his best memory was watching her husband “The Duke of Edinburg” Prince Philip’s reaction to the crowd.

“I equate it to people seeing a movie star or something like that, and I guess to him it was just day-to-day business. I mean he knew, but he was just probably over the fact of the crowd, and it was just it is what it is,” said Seagle. The best way he put it was that Prince Philip was feisty with the crowd.

Seagle says he was more than proud to be a part of such a historic moment.