ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — From hiking trails to golf courses, the Roanoke Valley has been known for its outdoor activities.

Roanoke County’s Explore parks recently received national recognition for its Mayflower Hills Disc Golf Course ranking as No. 40 in the World’s Best Disc Golf Course of 2023, by UDisc. This is a 40-spot increase from 2022. The golf mapping company also ranked Mayflower Hills as the fourth-best disc golf course in Virginia.

The beginner-friendly course has 150 possible course alignments and is built of 18-holes. The Mayflower Hills course features unique throws and elevation changes while taking players through the hills and woods. The course stretches across Mayflower Hills Park and was designed by members of the Roanoke Disc Golf Club.

The park is located on Rutrough Road near Roanoke County’s Explore Park. For more information, visit the Explore Park website.