LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — Governor Glenn Youngkin has granted a father an absolute pardon, whose daughter was sexually assaulted at her school.

Two years ago, Scott Smith was convicted of Disorderly Conduct after an argument ensued at a 2021 Loudoun County School Board meeting. On Sunday, Sept. 10, Gov. Youngkin granted an absolute pardon saying he was wrongfully prosecuted and convicted for standing up for his daughter.

Scott Smith is a dedicated parent who’s faced unwarranted charges in his pursuit to protect his daughter. Scott’s commitment to his child despite the immense obstacles is emblematic of the parental empowerment movement that started in Virginia. In Virginia, parents matter and my resolve to empower parents in unwavering. A parent’s fundamental right to be involved in their child’s education, upbringing, and care should never be undermined by bureaucracy, school divisions or the state. I am pleased to grant Scott Smith this pardon and help him and his family put this injustice behind them once and for all.”

said Youngkin.

On his first day in office, Gov. Youngkin issued an executive order prompting an investigation into the Loudoun County Public Schools conduct by Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares.

During this time, a special grand jury was used to work the case, and in December 2022, the full 92-page report was released. The report accused the school district of “looking out for their own interest instead of the best interests of LCPS.” The investigation also prompted the firing of Superintendent Scott Ziegler.

Smith’s Attorney’s Bill Stanley and Mike Jones released the following statement:

“Because Scott dared to stand up for his daughter, and courageously stood up for all parents of children in the public school system, he was attacked by those who pushed radical school policies over the protection of students, he was vilified by the media, and he was outrageously branded a “domestic terrorist” by those who believed that parents should not have a say in the education of their children.  While we did not seek a pardon from Governor Youngkin, and while we were very confident that we would have been able to prove that Scott Smith was innocent of the criminal charges placed against him if the matter had gone to trial, we are nevertheless grateful that the Governor also recognized the wrong done to Scott Smith by the judicial system, and that he has now taken this bold action to right that wrong by this pardon. 

Scott Smith released the following statement:

My family has been living a nightmare that no family in America should have to endure. But rather than sit quietly and take it, I decided to stand up against the government – and for that I was branded a “domestic terrorist” and charged with crimes that I did not commit.  I want to thank Governor Youngkin for his declaration that I am innocent, and for his absolute and unconditional pardon.”

Gov. Youngkin’s full statement can be viewed here.