RICHMOND, Va. (WFXR) – On Monday, Gov. Ralph Northam announced that 34 small technology-focused businesses in Virginia will receive a total of $3.4 million in Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF) grants to commercialize research in an array of sectors including agriculture and environmental technologies, autonomous systems, clean energy, cybersecurity, data analytics, life sciences and space and satellites.

CCF was launched in 2020 in an effort to promote innovative and collaborative commercialization efforts, consolidating two legacy programs, the Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund and the Virginia Research Investment Fund.

The following CCF projects will be awarded, contingent on acceptance of award terms and conditions:

  • 3 Ridge Technologies Inc. | Mr. Bill Sareen Agria™ – Truly Organic Scalable Organic Farm Factories, $100,000, Agricultural and Environmental Technologies, Lynchburg 
  • Advaray | Dr. Timothy Showalter Progress Toward Commercialization of a Novel Hydrogen-Based Product for Pelvic Brachytherapy, $100,000, Life and Health Sciences, Charlottesville 
  • AgroSpheres, Inc. | Mr. Ameer Shakeel Commercialization of Reliable, Sustainable Crop Protection Products, $100,000, Agricultural and Environmental Technologies, Charlottesville 
  • AtWork Systems, Inc. | Mr. Jin Chun Cybersecurity Assessment Tools for SaaS Platform, $100,000, Cybersecurity, Herndon 
  • Babylon Micro-Farms Inc. | Mr. Graham Smith Advancing Micro-Farm Technology – Developing Automated Quality Control to Improve the Producibility and Reliability of Babylon Micro-Farms’ IoT Platform, $98,250, Agricultural and Environmental Technologies, Richmond 
  • BEAM Diagnostics, Inc | Dr. Sarah Snider Commercialization of Beacon: A Digital Platform for Innovative Prediction Tools in Healthcare, $100,000, Life and Health Sciences, Roanoke 
  • BlackBoiler, Inc. | Mr. Daniel Broderick User Control of AI-Powered Contract Markup, $100,000, Data Science and Analytics, Arlington 
  • Bonumose, Inc. | Mr. Edwin Rogers Making Healthy Sugar Affordable for the Mass Market, $100,000, Life and Health Sciences, Charlottesville 
  • Caza Health LLC | Ms. Peggy Robinson Improving Women’s Health Outcomes – A New Diagnostic Research Tool, $99,898, Life and Health Sciences, Earlysville 
  • Cerillo, Inc. | Mr. Kevin Seitter Development of a Low-Cost, Miniaturized, Field-Deployable ELISA Reader, $100,000, Life and Health Sciences, Charlottesville 
  • Contraline, Inc | Mr. Kevin Eisenfrats Development of Market Access Strategy for a Novel Male Contraceptive, $99,998, Life and Health Sciences, Charlottesville 
  • Federal Foundry LLC | Mr. Geoffrey Orazem Government Contracting Capture Application, $100,000, Data Science and Analytics, Arlington 
  • Fend Incorporated | Mr. Colin Dunn Sales Acceleration: Fend Cellular Data Diode and Data Extraction Subscriptions, $100,000, Cybersecurity, Arlington 
  • GPX LLC | Mr. Eric Berger Reinvigorating Participatory Democracy with GPX, $100,000, Data Science and Analytics, Richmond 
  • Humanitru Mr. Alan Wei Machine Learning and Marketing Automation to Improve Donor Retention and Acquisition, $100,000, Data Science and Analytics, Richmond 
  • Icarus Medical LLC | Mr. Evan Eckersley Determination of Clinical Outcomes for a Novel Multi-Compartment Unloader Brace, $99,989, Life and Health Sciences, Charlottesville 
  • Itus Digital | Mr. Joe Nichols Itus Go-To-Market, $100,000, Data Science and Analytics, Roanoke 
  • Jeeva Informatics Solutions Inc | Mr. Harsha Rajasimha Remote Touchless Patient Recruitment and Retention Platform for Clinical Research, $100,000, Life and Health Sciences, Vienna 
  • Keshif, LLC | Dr. Adil Yalcin Keshif/Exploratory Interactive Visual Data Analytics, $95,700, Data Science and Analytics, Alexandria 
  • Laser Thermal Analysis, LLC | Dr. John Gaskins Steady State Thermoreflectance in Fiber Optics: SSTR-F, $50,000, Data Science and Analytics, Charlottesville Leading Edge Advanced Fibers, Inc. | Mr. Michael Duncan Development of Ultra-Lightweight Materials for Use in Satellites, $100,000, Space and Satellites, Charlottesville 
  • Li Industries, Inc. | Mr. Nolan Schmidt Automatic Direct Recycling of End-of-Life Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Batteries, $100,000, Clean Energy, Blacksburg 
  • Meru Biotechnologies | Dr. Daniel Rodenhaver Development and Commercialization of TruBind Technology for Drug Discovery, $95,850, Life and Health Sciences, Richmond 
  • Metaform | Mr. Jeff Gunther System for Effectively Integrating Disparate Information Sources, $97,547, Data Science and Analytics, Charlottesville 
  • MOVA Technologies, Inc. | Mr. Matthew Gulotta Panel Bed Carbon Capture: Component Design, Integration, and IP Protection, $100,000, Clean Energy, Pulaski 
  • NOVI LLC | Dr. Amit Mehra Remote Imaging and AI-Based Flaw Detection for Pavement and Infrastructure Maintenance, $99,250, Data Science and Analytics, Arlington 
  • Onclave Networks, Inc. | Ms. Marianne Meins Zero Trust Remote Access for Smart Communities, $100,000, Cybersecurity, McLean           
  • Psionic LLC | Mr. Philip Ma Psionic Navigation Doppler Lidar, $100,000, Space and Satellites, Hampton 
  • Rimstorm Inc. | Mr.Ben Gerenstein CMMC GovCon Enclave, $100,000, Cybersecurity, Herndon 
  • Service Robotics & Technologies | Dr. Gregory Scott Optimizing Energy and HVAC Usage through Integrated, Automated Scheduling for Facilities in Higher Education, $99,999, Autonomous Systems, Springfield 
  • SVT Robotics | Mr. Jim Hodson Natural Language Processing and Interface for Robotic Integration Systems, $100,000, Autonomous Systems, Norfolk 
  • TrueAlgae | Mr. Zachary Pogue Revolutionizing Algae for Multi-Purpose Agribusiness in VA, $100,000, Agricultural and Environmental Technologies, Chantilly 
  • Visual Workforce, Inc. | Mr. Bryan Bostic Visual Workforce Skills Management and Workforce Visualizations Software, $100,000, Data Science and Analytics, Richmond 
  • ZeoVation | Dr. Bo Wang Additive Manufacturing of Antimicrobial/Antiviral Polymeric Devices, $100,000, Life and Health Sciences, Manassas

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