LYNCHBURG, Va (WFXR) — Volunteers with God’s Pit Crew in Danville are making preparations to help Floridians dealing with catastrophic storm, Hurricane Ian.

The group plans to send tractor trailers down with necessary supplies such as food, water, first aid and hygiene products. They even plan to bring generators for those who may be without power. When they arrive they’ll start clearing debris, cutting down trees and cleaning out homes.

Suzanne Boase Honeycutt with God’s Pit Crew says they have been in constant communication with people in Florida– she says it’s no secret the damage may be catastrophic, but that they are doing everything they can to prepare.

“What we want to do is go to some of the areas that are hardest hit, where help is most desperately needed, where maybe they aren’t getting as much help, and help people their who are desperate and who are hurting and give them hope and give them resources,” said Boase Honeycutt.

God’s Pit Crew has about 6,000 blessing buckets ready to be sent out, but say they may call on the community for help if they need more.

Depending on the level of destruction, Honeycutt says this may turn into a more long term relief effort– she says they are always accepting donations and encourage the community to volunteer if they are looking to help out.