RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — State data shows that 92.1% of Virginia’s public high school Class of 2022 graduated, a figure slightly lower than 2021’s rate but higher than the two years before the pandemic hit.

The Virginia Department of Education released reports on 2022 graduation data, including on-time graduation rates and figures broken down by race, gender, school division, and more.

According to state data, Virginia’s on-time graduation rate was 91.6% for the Class of 2018, 91.5% for the Class of 2019, 92.3% for the Class of 2020, 93% for the Class of 2021, and 92.1% for the Class of 2022.

Virginia Department of Education on time-graduation rate from 2018-2022. (VDOE data)

“The slight dip in the statewide graduation rate this year was not surprising in that the pandemic-related allowances and flexibilities provided to students in the classes of 2020 and 2021 were not extended to the class of 2022,” Charles Pyle, a spokesperson for the Department of Education, told 8News.

The state’s report shows that 94% of female students and 90.2% of male students in the Class of 2022 graduated on time.

Data shows that 5.19% of the 98,648 students in the Class of 2022 dropped out, which is more than 5,100 students. The dropout rate for male students in the Class of 2022 was 6.51% and 3.78% for female students.

Here are the graduation rates broken down by race:

SubgroupGraduation rateDropout rate
American Indian86.34%9.76%
Native Hawaiian96.00%3.33%
Multiple races93.59%3.70%
Data from the Virginia Department of Education’s Class of 2022 state summary

Nearly ninety percent of students in the Class of 2022 with disabilities (89.9%) graduated and 7.86% dropped out. Nearly eighty-eight percent of students described as “economically disadvantaged” in the report (87.71%) graduated.

The report shows stark gaps in graduation and dropout rates among English learners, migrants, and students who experienced homelessness.

English learners in the Class of 2022 had a 72.69% graduation rate and a 24.77% dropout rate, the report says. The 32 students under the subgroup “migrant anytime” in the report had a 62.5% graduation rate and a 28.13% dropout rate.

The 1,041 students under the subgroup “homeless” in the report had a 76.46% graduation rate and a 17.1% dropout rate. The 2,795 students under the subgroup “homeless anytime” had a 70.13% graduation rate and a 22.83% dropout rate.

Here are the graduation and dropout rates in local school divisions:

School districtGraduation rate (% change from 2021)Dropout rate
Chesterfield91.5% (-0.9%)6%
Goochland96% (-1.2%) 3.1%
Hanover95.2% (-0.2)2.5%
Henrico90% (-0.5%) 7.5%
Hopewell89.8% (+4.9%) 2.6%
Louisa95.1% (+1.6%)4.2%
Petersburg85.7% (-0.9%)4.2%
Richmond74.3% (-4.2%) 20%
Data from the Virginia Department of Education.