ABINGDON, Va. (WFXR) — On March 28th, Midwest Veterinary Supply (MVS), a Minnesota-based company that supplies prescription drugs for animals, pled guilty to introducing misbranded animal drugs into the market.

A prescription is deemed “misbranded” when shipments from non-pharmacy locations are sent out or when non-authorized locations receive shipments.

Court documents indicate from 2011 to 2021, MVS shipped prescription drugs from their non-pharmacy locations to individuals that were not authorized to receive the prescription drugs. Veterinarians, farms, feedlots, and other businesses specifically listed were the only consumers that should have been receiving the prescription drugs.

“The FDA regulates animal drugs as part of its mission to protect public health. Part of this responsibility includes ensuring that prescription animal drugs are lawfully distributed and dispensed pursuant to a valid prescription,” said Special Agent in Charge George A. Scavdis, FDA Office of Criminal Investigations’ Metro Washington Field Office.

MVS shipped at least $10 million worth of misbranded drugs to noon-authorized locations over the decade. Federal law is in place to ensure that prescription drugs are kept within a controlled chain of distribution and to prevent inappropriate use, of both animal and human-prescribed drugs.

“In this case, millions of dollars were obtained from the illegal distribution of veterinary medicine and, just like pharmaceuticals intended for human use, my Office will continue to hold accountable those companies and corporations that violate federal law,” said Christopher R. Kavanaugh, United States Attorney of the Western District of Virginia.

After pleading guilty, MVS will forfeit the $10 million, pay $1 million dollars to the Virginia Department of Health Professions, pay an additional $500k fine, and serve probation time. MVS is scheduled to be sentenced in June of 2023 in the United States District Court in Abingdon.