ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — One kitty is warming up in her new home after she was rescued from a storm drain in Roanoke.

Starbucks worker Max Martin tells WFXR News that he first noticed the kitten stuck in the drain near Southern Hills Drive at the end of July. He says he called animal control and even tried to get the kitten out, but was unsuccessful.

With the hope that the small kitten would be able to free itself, Martin tied one of his work aprons to a bag and set up a small trap.

But still, there was no luck.

“My boyfriend and I had basically already decided that if and when we were able to get her out, she was ours,” said Martin.

At the beginning of August, Animal Warden Beaman and staff with Roanoke Stormwater stepped into action, removing the tiny resident from the drain.

The Roanoke Police Department says Roanoke Stormwater and Animal Warden Beaman
rescues kitten from storm drain. (Photo Courtesy: Roanoke Police Department)

Martin said while on the way to work, his coworker called, and told him the kitten was finally free.

Martin and his boyfriend named their new tiny friend Remy.

Ever since joining her new family, Remy didn’t waste time getting comfortable and snuggling with her new fur friend.

Martin says there haven’t been any issues with her health.

“She’s doing really well, she’s insanely playful,” he said. “We’re so lucky to have her.”

Remy in her new home. (Photo courtesy: Max Martin)