ROCKY MOUNT, Va. (WFXR) — Franklin County is known as the “Moonshine Capitol of the World,” and for the last 12 years, one TV show, ‘Moonshiners‘ has told the area’s story.

One of the stars of the show, Josh Owens was severely injured in a motorcycle race at Daytona International Speedway earlier this year, and now the Town of Rocky Mount is rallying around him to show support.

Hundreds of people gathered at local restaurant Rocky Mount Smokehouse to support the star. Owens told WFXR News that he suffered multiple severe injuries after hitting the concrete wall at 80 mph. He says doctors told him he wouldn’t walk for another year. With him having no insurance, Owens’s friends looked for ways to help.

And what better way than a fundraiser.

“About a month ago, we started talking about it and then it got bigger. And when I did the post on Tuesday, I think …it blew up,” said Buddy Hancock, owner of Rocky Mount Smokehouse.

The event held on Friday, Aug. 25, had an entrance fee of $5 which will be going directly to Owens to help support his recovery. Not only did the event serve as a fundraiser, but it was also a birthday celebration for the star.

He said that even though he’s been on the show for a year, the heavy support, prayers, and fundraising to help his cause was totally unexpected.

“There’s been literally thousands of people who have been reaching out to me and honestly I almost don’t even know how to accept it because I don’t even feel that way about myself. I have all these people who are loving me and it kind of blows my mind,” said Owens.

Fellow ‘Moonshiners’ Steven Ray Tickle, Kenny Law, and Henry Law were also in the crowd, showing their support. Charlie Mithcell, a friend of the cast, put the event together. He says it was nice for the county to show up to support Josh after the attention he’s helped bring to the area.

“I hope that Josh makes a good little bowl of money, and I hope that helps him. He hadn’t been able to work this year, and the people are really helping him out. That’s good to see, there still are really good people,” said Mitchell.

People were able to enjoy food vendors, drinks, and live music. Owens also sold his merch. Along with the entrance fee profits, 10% of Rocky Mount Smokehouse’s sales during the event will go toward helping the star financially, as he recovers his ability to walk.

If you would like to donate, Josh does have a GoFundMe.