BOTETOURT, Va. (WFXR) — There is some positive good news for cavalier fans in Botetourt County. Lord Botetourt High School has implemented a new handicap-accessible bleacher. The recent upgrade is especially exciting for “one of the school’s biggest fans.”

Bailee Masters is a junior and varsity cheerleader at Lord Botetourt High School. Her mom, Emily Masters, shared with WFXR her journey as a cheerleader.

“She’s been cheering since she’s been in elementary school. She started with rec and she cheered with read mountain middle and this is her 3rd year cheering at the high school,” Emily Masters said.

Every game, as a cheerleader, it’s bailees job to make the fans and team feel welcome and excited about the game. However, last Friday, it was Bailee who was made to feel welcome, as she was able to experience the band from a whole new way and from a brand new angle.

“It was okay,” said Bailee. Her mother agreed that it was a nice time.

“It was really cool. We’ve always just seen it from below, so you’re kind of just standing behind people,” Masters’ explained. “We got to go up there and watch the marching band from above, so she got to watch her friends do that as well.”

Bailee’s mom, Emily Masters says she found out about the changes in the summer and was both surprised and excited to learn of the changes.

“Don’t think people realize it when it’s not there. If you’re not someone who needs it, it’s not a big deal. But for people who do need it, it’s very important. Not just for kids using wheelchairs, but grandparents, veterans — a lot of people could use more accessible ways to just get out and do things,” Masters said.

Masters believes the new installment proves how great the school is with inclusion. She says it’s the small things that make a difference in ensuring all people feel welcomed.

“When you show up to a school that has this or any other place venue that has more inclusive things, it really just takes the stress off of us as parents and lets her be able to get up there like everyone else and enjoy it like everyone else,” Masters said.

To get to the new ramp, fans will need to go through the track and field gate closest to the scoreboard.