WASHINGTON (WFXR) — On Wednesday, multiple sources confirmed Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will be retiring from the bench at the age of 83.

The move paves the way for President Joe Biden to appoint another liberal-leaning nominee to fill his seat.

Liberal activists have tried for months to get Breyer to retire.

(Erin Schaff/The New York Times via AP, Pool, File)

WFXR News’ political analyst and Virginia Tech political science professor, Dr. Karen Hult, says it’s likely that Republicans will try to delay, as they’ve done in the past.

However, as Biden said during his campaign, he will likely nominate someone who is not only a Democrat, but someone who is on the more progressive end of the party.

“I would think perhaps that likely what he will do is follow up on his campaign promise which was not only to if he had a Supreme Court nominee, not only to appoint someone who would be on the more liberal side of the U.S. Supreme Court as a Democrat but also as he promised, Democratic Representative Clayburn, a Black female,” said Hult.

Joe Biden
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According to Hult, this nomination will provide an opportunity for Biden to address a wide range of issues that are before the court

Regardless, the more liberal justices will hold a distinct minority on the Supreme Court.