ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke took in its first bear cub of the year after he was spotted in a tree in Roanoke County.

The center announced on Monday, May 16 that it decided to bring in the baby black bear after he was discovered along Bradshaw Road with no mother in sight for more than 36 hours. The cub was so small — just over three pounds — that he had to be transported in a cat carrier.

According to the facility, the cub was estimated to be around 6 weeks old, adding that he was dehydrated, underweight, and anemic.

Late Monday morning, he was reportedly heading to the Wildlife Center of Virginia to join another cub.

The Roanoke wildlife center tells WFXR News it usually receives between two and five bear cubs a year.

“If people see a baby bear we ask that they keep all their pets inside and far from the cub as the mother can be easily spooked,” the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke said. “We ask that they also observe from a safe distance for 36 hours before intervening as it can take the mother 2 days to return.”