ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — New information has been released on the disease that is leaving wildlife birds sick. The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke says the disease is concentrated to the north and the number of cases is reportedly declining.

This news has the non-profit wildlife veterinary rehabilitation center giving the OK to feed birds again, but there are some precautions/stipulations/guidelines. They say the best way to care for and feed native birds is by planting native perennials.

The center also says that people should limit bird feeder use because the warmer weather is favorable for them to find food. Bird feeders are what the center calls the “fast food restaurant,” delivering high-calorie easy meals.

People should look into using native plants as a way to provide food and a habitat for birds. If you are looking for a full list of plants that are good for the Commonwealth area, you can search on Audubon’s website database.

The center says for those who want to continue to use their bird feeders, they strongly recommend cleaning your feeders at least once a week, using a one to 10 bleach to water solution.

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