State Parks Solutions is an ongoing series of reports to help you find and plan low-cost, easy-on-the-gas-tank vacations with an emphasis on outdoors activities.

DUFFIELD, Va. (WFXR) — In need of a last-minute getaway, but having trouble finding an affordable place to stay?

A lot of people are taking the State Park Solution this summer, which means most cabins and camping sites are full at state parks around the Commonwealth.

However, there are cabin and camping vacancies right now at Natural Tunnel State Park near the Town of Duffield in Scott County. Not only are the cabins fully furnished, but the campsites include water and electricity hook-ups.

Natural Tunnel State Park. (Photo: George Noleff/WFXR News)

Natural Tunnel provides spectacular views. The tunnel, which has been carved out of the rock by ground water over hundreds of thousands of years, is the centerpiece. You can hike down to it or take a chairlift ride.

“One of my favorite things to do at Natural Tunnel State Park is ride the chair lift,” said Ranger Chris Fritze. “I mean there’s not anywhere else in the Commonwealth you can hop on a lift, ride through the mountains and come down and see the beauty of the Natural Tunnel.”

Chair lift at Natural Tunnel State Park. (Photo: George Noleff/WFXR News)

In addition to the tunnel, the park offers opportunities for fishing, paddle sports, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

There is also plenty of history.

The park sits along the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail, so it includes an interpretive center with exhibits chronicling the area’s rich pioneer history, as well as a historic block house. Re-enactors also put on historic period demonstrations.

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