State Parks Solutions is an ongoing series of reports to help you find and plan low-cost, easy-on-the-gas-tank vacations with an emphasis on outdoors activities.

FOSTER FALLS, Va. (WFXR) — New River Trail State Park is one of the most unique state parks in Virginia, and it is certainly the longest.

The park stretches 57 miles from Galax to Pulaski, and it follows the former Norfolk and Western Rail corridor along the New River. One of the most popular locations in the park is at Foster Falls, an area known for its natural beauty.

New River at Foster Falls. (Photo: George Noleff/WFXR News)

“When the leaves change in the fall is a big time to come and do hiking, biking, and horseback riding,” said Assistant Park Manager Tim Nolen. “In the summer, obviously more canoe and kayak sports; those type of things like tubing, swimming. It’s beautiful in the winter time, too.”

Horseback riding is an option, too. The park had to suspend its livery operation due to the pandemic. Until it is restored, you will have to bring your own horse. However, the park still provides horseback riding amenities.

Horseback riding is popular at New River Trail State Park. (Photo: George Noleff/WFXR News)

If you are a history buff, there is the shot tower.

The shot tower at Foster Falls. (Photo: George Noleff/WFXR News)

It dates back 200 years, and was used to make shotgun shot that settlers used to hunt game on what was then the United State frontier.

Fishing is also popular at Foster Falls with species like walleye, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, muskellunge, and panfish being the primary targets.