BUCHANAN, Va. (WFXR) — Wild turkeys are intelligent animals, and hunting them can prove to be challenging. However, if you have the right turkey call, it can make all the difference.

At least that’s what Buchanan local, Dallas Morris, the owner of Don’t Blink Mouth Calls explains. Dallas Morris has been building turkey calls for nearly a year.

“I’m building them to kill turkeys not to make money. I mean I’m from a small town, I started with absolutely nothing. I was just like, ‘I want to make mouth calls.’”

Dallas Morris, Owner of Don’t Blink Mouth Calls

It’s passion, not profit that has been driving Dallas to create his own turkey mouth calls.

“I mean anybody and their brother can go online, you could buy everything I got here, everything, ain’t none of this no secret…except for what happens on this dial.”

Dallas Morris, Owner of Don’t Blink Mouth Calls

The dial involves an intricate process of stretching latex or prophylactic reeds. Dallas says five-thousandths of an inch stretch can make a difference.

“I’ve made almost 500 and I haven’t sold a single one yet because I want them to be right. We wanted to run a full turkey season on them to see if they’d actually call in and kill turkeys. They work very well. We killed two in Georgia. I killed three this year, my Dad killed two, and I actually called one in for my buddy Stephen and he killed it… so they’re working pretty good, haha.”

Dallas Morris, Owner of Don’t Blink Mouth Calls

So you might wonder what it is that attracts a turkey to a call. Turkeys make locator calls to communicate to their group, territorial calls, and commonly use vocalization to attract potential mates.

Turkeys are very vocal and have at least twenty-nine different calls or vocalizations. The more common of these calls are yelps, clucks, putts, purrs, cackles, and the Kee-kee run.

“I mean you’re basically trying to fool nature. I think that’s why a lot of guys get so into it because when you’re standing over a turkey that you just called into 15 steps, that animal can see as a twelve-power pair of binoculars, hear like a deer, and fly 35 mph… but I think it’s just the aspect of being able to fool something that is in nature, not supposed to happen because the hen is actually supposed to go to the gobbler and you can sit down in the tree and say, ‘wow, we just kind of defied nature.'”

Dallas Morris, Owner of Don’t Blink Mouth Calls

Dallas says it isn’t just the thrill of the hunt though, it’s being present in nature, and carrying on tradition.

“I started turkey hunting at young enough that I wasn’t even able to carry a shotgun. I used to go with my Dad and his cousin. I’ve seen probably more turkeys die that way than I have since I’ve been hunting by myself.”

Dallas Morris, Owner of Don’t Blink Mouth Calls

Dallas hopes his son, Daxton Morris, will follow in his footsteps and become a 5th generation turkey hunter.

“The main thing, hopefully, it’ll be something my son can keep carrying on from generation to generation.”

Dallas Morris, Owner of Don’t Blink Mouth Calls