ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The black market trade of wildlife could affect the survival of some species in Virginia, especially some turtle species.

A celebrity has joined the effort to fight the illegal animal trade.

Jeff Corwin, a biologist and the star of television shows like “The Jeff Corwin Experience” and “Jeff Corwin’s Ocean Treks”, is teaming up with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for a video campaign targeting black market turtle sales. The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is sharing the video on its social media sites.

“Unfortunately today, especially with wood turtles, Blandings, bogs, and box turtles, the populations are crashing,” Corwin says in the video. “A big contributor to that, besides habitat loss, is the illegal black market wildlife trade.”

The State Herpetologist of Virginia, J.D. Kleopher says the illegal harvest of turtles in Virginia is a serious problem.

He shared a quote from an undercover Virginia Conservation Police officer: “The illegal trade in turtles is the single greatest wildlife trafficking issue we (DWR) are facing today in Virginia.”

If you suspect illegal wildlife harvesting or sales are going on, you can call the DWR Crime Line at 800-237-5712.