RICHMOND, Va. (WFXR) — Thanksgiving dinner in Virginia will cost 24% more in 2023 than it did in 2022. That is according to the Virginia Farm Bureau (VAFB).

Each year, the farm bureau collects data on the prices of a set menu of items commonly served at Thanksgiving. That list includes turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, rolls, carrots, celery, cranberries, green beans, peas, milk and pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

The VAFB assumes ten people at a holiday dinner. This year the cost of feeding ten people those staple items is $91.30. Last year it was $73.91, an increase of $17.39.

Overall inflation is being blamed for the hike, led by the cost of turkey. The VAFB found the average price of turkey in Virginia is $2.18 per pound, though many grocery store chains are offering discounted prices for frozen turkeys. In some cases those prices are lower than 40 cents a pound.

Here is a breakdown of some other items on the VAFB menu:

  • Whole Milk $3.47
  • Frozen Peas $1.77
  • Sweet Potatoes $3.06
  • Russet Potatoes $4.13
  • Fresh Celery $1.91
  • Fresh Carrots $1.17
  • Pie Shells $3.43
  • Whipping Cream $3.47
  • Canned Pumpkin Pie Filling $4.21
  • Fresh Cranberries $2.43
  • Stuffing Mix $3.30
  • Dinner Rolls $3.80

While turkey costs are higher this year in Virginia, nationally they are down. An American Farm Bureau Federation report finds a 4.5% reduction in the price of turkey. That is because birds are plentiful this year. Last year turkey production was adversely affected by avian flu.