Today at New Freedom Farm hosted their annual “Thanksgiving in the Barn” for all those who may not have had a chance to have a Thanksgiving Feast at home. The tradition was started back in 2016 with Lois Dawn Fritz and the folks at the Farm providing a nice hot meal for Veterans and First Responders. This year they opened the barn doors for all who wanted to come by for a meal. Lois says that the holidays may be a little tough for some for some.

“I think it is important the those of us that struggle during the holidays this is a no pressure, easy going simple thing to do, you are going to a barn for food”

And she leaves us with this message, that defines what New Freedom Farm is all about.

Lois just want to let everyone know that “if you need a place to go to the holidays are tough and New Freedom Farm is available, New Freedom Farm dot org.”