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States with the most sports cars and the most popular sports cars in each state

A Ford Mustang is displayed at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show. (Photo by Robert Hradil/Getty Images)

Sports car ownership is a fantasy for many, but given the price tag and impracticality of these vehicles, sports car ownership is a reality for just 2.7 percent of U.S. consumers. 

Which states have the most and least sports cars on the road, and what is the most popular sports car in each state? iSeeCars analyzed over 10 million vehicle sales to find out.

Which State Has the Most Sports Cars?

To determine where sports car ownership is the most popular, iSeeCars calculated the share of sports cars in each state.

Ranking of States By Shares of Sports Cars – iSeeCars
RankState% Share of Sports Cars
9North Carolina2.9%
12South Carolina2.9%
14New Mexico2.9%
Overall Average2.7%
24Rhode Island2.3%
28New Jersey2.1%
33New York1.6%
36West Virginia1.6%
39South Dakota1.5%
45North Dakota1.3%
46New Hampshire1.3%
  • Florida is the state with the most sports cars on the road, with California in a close second.
  • The top ten states with the most sports cars have generally moderate climates.
  • The states with the least sports cars are Northern, Rocky Mountain, and Midwest states that have harsh winters.

Most Popular Sports Car in Each State

Along with where sports cars are the most popular, iSeeCars also examined which sports cars are the most popular in each state.

Most Popular Sports Car in Each State – iSeeCars
StateMost Popular Sports CarSecond-Most Popular Sports Car
AlabamaFord MustangDodge Challenger
AlaskaDodge ChallengerFord Mustang
ArizonaFord MustangDodge Challenger
ArkansasDodge ChallengerFord Mustang
CaliforniaFord MustangDodge Challenger
ColoradoFord MustangDodge Challenger
ConnecticutFord MustangDodge Challenger
DelawareFord MustangDodge Challenger
FloridaFord MustangDodge Challenger
GeorgiaFord MustangDodge Challenger
HawaiiFord MustangDodge Challenger
IdahoFord MustangDodge Challenger
IllinoisFord MustangDodge Challenger
IndianaFord MustangDodge Challenger
IowaFord MustangDodge Challenger
KansasFord MustangDodge Challenger
KentuckyFord MustangDodge Challenger
LouisianaFord MustangDodge Challenger
MaineFord MustangDodge Challenger
MarylandFord MustangDodge Challenger
MassachusettsFord MustangDodge Challenger
MichiganDodge ChallengerFord Mustang
MinnesotaDodge ChallengerFord Mustang
MississippiFord MustangDodge Challenger
MissouriFord MustangDodge Challenger
MontanaDodge ChallengerFord Mustang
NebraskaDodge ChallengerFord Mustang
NevadaFord MustangDodge Challenger
New HampshireFord MustangDodge Challenger
New JerseyDodge ChallengerFord Mustang
New MexicoFord MustangDodge Challenger
New YorkFord MustangDodge Challenger
North CarolinaFord MustangDodge Challenger
North DakotaDodge ChallengerFord Mustang
OhioFord MustangDodge Challenger
OklahomaFord MustangDodge Challenger
OregonFord MustangDodge Challenger
PennsylvaniaFord MustangDodge Challenger
Rhode IslandFord MustangDodge Challenger
South CarolinaFord MustangDodge Challenger
South DakotaFord MustangDodge Challenger
TennesseeFord MustangDodge Challenger
TexasFord MustangDodge Challenger
UtahFord MustangDodge Challenger
VermontFord MustangChevrolet Camaro
VirginiaFord MustangDodge Challenger
WashingtonFord MustangDodge Challenger
West VirginiaFord MustangDodge Challenger
WisconsinFord MustangDodge Challenger
WyomingDodge ChallengerFord Mustang
  • The Ford Mustang is the most popular sports car in 41 states, while the Dodge Challenger is the most popular in the remaining nine.
  • Both the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger are among the most affordable sports cars, with new versions starting at less than $30,000, which broadens their appeal.
  • The Dodge Challenger is one of the only sports cars to offer all-wheel drive, and is the most popular sports car mainly among Northern and mountainous states.
  • Vermont is the only state to have the Chevrolet Camaro as the second-most popular sports car.

While sports cars only capture a small percentage of car buyers, drivers in the most popular sports car states are nearly four times as likely to experience sports car ownership compared to drivers in the least sports-car-popular states. The Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro are not only fun-to-drive, they are the most attainable sports cars for American drivers.


iSeeCars analyzed over 10 million model year 2016 – 2020 used car sales from September 2020 through August 2021. The number of sports cars sold in each state was expressed as a percentage of used cars sold in the state, and states were ranked by the resulting percent shares. The number of sports cars were also tabulated by model in order to determine the most popular sports car in each state.

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This article, Which States Have the Greatest Need for Speed, originally appeared on iSeeCars.com.  

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