(The Hill) — The longtime @music account on X, former known as Twitter, had over half a million followers until the company reclaimed the handle on Friday.

Now its former owner said he’s “super pissed.”

“16 years ago, I created @music and have been running it ever since,” Jeremy Vaught said wrote on his personal account. “Just now, Twitter / X just ripped it away. Super pissed.”

The @music account posts new releases and performances from artists across genres. X took the handle and gave it to the official company music account, which was formerly @twittermusic.

In an email to Vaught, X said the account was being taken over for the company and assigned him the @musicfan handle instead.

It’s the second time X has taken over a user handle, after taking @X from a user last month when owner Elon Musk officially changed Twitter’s branding.

The social media platform has been under harsh criticism since Musk purchased Twitter last year and changed its name to X in July. The switch is part of a total rebrand of the platform, as it struggles with reduced ad revenue.