BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR)–One man is set to do something he never thought would put him in almost every state on the map.

Ben Chase says his goal is to break the record for attending the most college football games in one season by road trip.

“Pittsburgh, then Charlotte, Gainsville, New Orleans, and then Atlanta. I did five games in five nights, in five different cities,” said Chase.

He says since 2016 two brothers have held the current record of 50 games.

His journey started in Tucson, Arizona, and so far he was seen 12 games. Now, he finds himself getting to number 13, right here at the home of the Hokies, for the match-up between Virginia Tech and West Virginia on Sept. 22.

Chase says he has always traveled across the nation to watch games, because of his home team the Florida Gators.

“I’ve driven from DC to Gainsville overnight multiple times, Orlando to college station in 2020 behind a hurricane,” said Chase.

He says his van, Betty White, is how he travels to and from. In the backseat, he has a small mattress, sheets, clothes, and all other essentials to make it on the road. However, Chase is not doing this trip alone.

“At this point, people are a part of this you know, I’ve written 70 thank you cards for people just sending me gas money or getting me a ticket,” said Chase.

He explains that he is funding the trip himself, and it’s not cheap. Along the way, people have helped him either sleep in hotels or give him extra tickets to get in the games. He’s only paid out of pocket to get into two games so far. Although, Chase wants people to know that he has no problem paying for tickets himself. He says he never begs and does not have a go-fund me to raise money for this trip.

“People always ask me ‘are you rich? No, I’m not,” Chase said.

He says his mother worked four jobs growing up, and he worked at Disney World for a good portion of his life. He says he just gets pure enjoyment from meeting people and telling their stories.

“There are stories to be told at all these schools and college football brings people together better than anything in our country,” said Chase.

Chase says his next stop is Syracuse and their match-up against the University of Virginia Cavaliers. That trip is going to take him another 8 hours.

If you’d like to track Chase’s journey, follow him on Twitter @BenGChase.