(WJW) — Some people logging onto Facebook on Tuesday morning were getting a message about their account.

The message reads: “Your account has the potential to reach a lot more people than an average Facebook user. Hackers are often motivated to attack accounts that have a lot of followers, run important Pages, or hold some community significance.”

Meta says to help defend against “targeted attacks,” it’s requiring Facebook Protect for some accounts. The message also said that if you don’t turn on Facebook Protect for your account by March 17, 2022, you will be locked out of your account until you enable it.

Once Facebook Protect is turned on, it goes through to check your account for “vulnerabilities” and makes sure you’re signed up for two-factor authentication. Meta says that significantly improves the security of your account.

Meta also said Facebook Protect isn’t available to everyone. The company said it requires stronger security for accounts that have the potential to reach a large audience.