LYNCHBURG, Va. (WFXR) — After his third indictment, former President Donald Trump’s base isn’t likely to sway, says Dr. David Richards, Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of the International Relations and Political Science Department at the University of Lynchburg.

However, he says if the election was tomorrow, Trump and President Biden are seeing relatively even numbers, and it’s the undecided voters who might swing.

“It’s not hurting his base, it doesn’t seem to be hurting his fundraising, he’s been able to do a lot of fundraising off of these indictments,” said Dr. Richards. “Where it’s probably going to hurt him is with that undecided voter, that anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of the voters who are going to decide, as we get much closer to the election, who they’re going to vote for.”

That fundraising he mentioned could also take a hit.

“He’s been spending a lot of the money he’s been raising on his legal costs,” said Dr. Richards. “That’s less money he has to spend on the campaign trail.”

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Trump’s network of political committees has spent at least $25 million, possibly up to $40 million, on legal fees.

As for the Republican party, Dr. Richards says we can likely expect to see Trump’s rivals on the campaign trail continue to call out for the former President for being the subject of multiple investigations. However, the GOP’s party line has been that these indictments are political attacks by a Democratic White House and Department of Justice trying to eliminate the most viable candidate to win against Biden.

“The more charges that come forward, the more you hear about these cases, the less that seems to be the case,” he said.

Dr. Richards says the question now is will Republicans who aren’t running for election come forward against Trump or will the party line stick.

“I think Trump will probably be able to escape a lot of the trouble this brings, I think this is just one more nail in that coffin,” said Dr. Richards. “We’ll just have to see how sturdy these nails are.”