(WJBF) –The Georgia Supreme Court has reversed a murder conviction in the case of Justin Ross Harris. Harris was sentenced to life without parole in prison for the 2014 hot car death of his son Cooper.

According to the Georgia Supreme Court website, some of the evidence submitted during Harris’ trial, showed him to be “a philanderer, a pervert, and a sexual predator.”

The court decided that the abundance of sexually explicit evidence has little to do with proving if Harris did intentionally leave Cooper in the hot car.

Harris’ 22-month-old son, Cooper, died on June 18, 2014, when Harris left him inside his SUV outside his office for nearly seven hours.

Prosecutors argued that it was intentional. They said Harris was living a double life and wanted to escape his family life to be “the other Justin Ross Harris.”

During the trial, they brought in multiple women who were sexting with Harris on the day of Cooper’s death, including a minor and a woman Harris claimed to love.

Prosecutors said Harris wanted to live that life full time, but wouldn’t leave his wife as long as his son was alive.

The State of Georgia may elect to try Harris again.