(NewsNation) — From a young age, most people are encouraged to “just be yourself.” However, it’s not that easy, especially in the workplace.

According to a new study by JobSage, 64% of American workers are hiding something from their employer. The poll consisted of more than 1,900 workers, and 37% of employees say they hide political views.

Roughly 36% of employees hide information about their families, but over half say that not being authentic impacted their mental health.

More than three in five say that after being authentic they were treated differently at work, most often treated unkindly or ignored.

Why are we hiding?

  • 49% of people don’t want to make people uncomfortable
  • 43% of people fear being stereotyped
  • 41% of people don’t want it to affect their career advancement
  • 41% of people fear discrimination
  • 40% of people don’t want to damage connections with coworkers

Are there consequences to hiding our authentic selves?

  • 55% of people say that not being authentic at work impacts their work
  • 49% of people have worse working relationships
  • 37% of people are unable to do their best work
  • 35% of people have lower retention
  • 34% of people have decreased productivity
  • 33% of people put less effort into work

According to the survey, men and women are equally likely to be hiding something from their employer but for different reasons. Among men, 66% are hiding something because they don’t want to make their employer uncomfortable, and 62% of women are concerned with portraying a stereotype.