A group of 40 protesters descended upon the Mountain Valley Pipeline site in Montgomery County, Virginia Saturday morning. Many voicing their frustrations.

“It’s an environmental tragedy really, and for the folks who live in Virginia as well,” says pipeline fighter Amanda Tandy.

Pipeline fighters from as far as Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. participated in the protest to make sure their voices were hear. They joined fellow demonstrators who were already stationed on Yellow Finch Lane.

“All of these pipelines are going to affect all the rivers in Virginia The major rivers. The James, Potomac, and the Roanoke, so if people can’t live in a place where they can have clean water then what are they supposed to do,” explains Tandy.

For activist Tina Badger, this fight is about something greater.

“There’s plenty of pipeline capacity already. We actually need to stop fracking and stop fossil fuel extraction and move toward smaller scale cleaner renewable energy,” says Badger.

As demonstrators lined the highway, Tandy says these protests show no sign of slowing down.

“It’s just been a constant struggle it’s basically a war of attrition. They escalate and then we have to escalate back. So we have to have more people. We have to have more songs and more chants and more energy more lawyers. More people engaged and that’s what we’re really after here.”

WFXR News did reach out to Mountain Valley Pipeline, and received no response. But later on in the afternoon law enforcement did take 3 people into custody. But the arrests were unrelated to the events from the morning.