Mother has message about candle safety after house fire


ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR News) – A Roanoke County family is left picking up the pieces after they were displaced by a fire Friday night.

Fire officials say an unattended candle was responsible for the blaze.

“This fire is horrific, and yet it only burned this room,” said Nancy Degeorgis.

Degeorgis has a lot to be grateful for after a bad house fire Friday. Including the fact that two of her children who were home at the time were alright.

She wasn’t home at the time but was reunited with them shortly after it happened.

“Ok, they’re good. Then I could go into mom mode and help soothe them because my son was very, he was very agitated and upset because it was his candle that caused the problem.”

The fire marshal believes and unattended candle started the fire.

Degeorgis says the candle was in her son’s room, and he had just left to go make dinner.

“My son does have autism so he doesn’t have good spatial awareness and I believe he had just set it on the edge of the dresser and then when he left the room it fell.”

Her son is sensitive to smells and they help him relax. While she says this was an accident that could happen to anyone, we could all be more cautious.

“It’s very important that you follow proper procedures. If you’re not going to be in the room, then put them out.”

Her son lost everything in his room, and most of her daughter’s things have smoke damage. But she says all that is replaceable and she’s happy they weren’t hurt.

She says for the holidays her kids are going to be getting they need, not toys, but making up for the items they lost in the fire.

She’s in a motel and her children are staying with their father.


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