MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. (WFXR News) – Many citizens in Montgomery County are discussing the pros and cons to joining the growing push among counties in our region to declare themselves second amendment sanctuaries.

It’s a mostly symbolic measure, but the declaration at county meetings has drawn hundreds of people each time.

In Montgomery County, hundreds showed up Monday night to speak both for and against the possible resolution.

The topic wasn’t on the agenda, but a large group of gun owners in support of the county becoming a second amendment sanctuary, and some not for, all showed up to make sure their voices were heard.

“Localities are trying to choose how they obey the laws,” said Flourett Ketner.

Ketner says she’s concerned that a resolution would go against state laws.

“I would like to see that we’re not trying to counteract with local changes where we’re asking our police officers no to enforce a law. I believe that that is against the Virginia State constitution,” Ketner said.

Ketner says elected officials should be trusted to take care of these gun law issues.

“I believe these communities are failing to do so and instead are trying to take care of these matters at home, when a state that has the Dillion Rule, they’re ultimately going to be the ones that take action,” said Ketner.

But not everyone agrees.

“The intent for this would be for the county to take the position of the bill of rights, instead of the position of tyrant legislatures who don’t care about their oath,” said Gun Owner John Wilburn.

Wilburn says he believes the oath to protect the constitution is more important than the law.

“So when unjust laws are passed, there’s no duty to comply with those. And that would not only be true for the citizens, but it would also be true of law enforcement, the sheriff, everybody who takes an oath to the constitution has a higher duty to that than to an unjust law.”

Since the topic of making the county a second amendment sanctuary was not on the agenda, nothing was voted on Monday night. But it may be on the agenda next month.