Mary Dotson made a riveting choice during WWII


Leading up to the 75th anniversary of D-Day WFXR has been sharing the stories of men who served in World War II. 

Now we want to show what it was like to be a young teenage girl during D-Day.

Mary Dotson made a riveting choice, to join in the fight for freedom in her own way.

“All I could do was cry it was terrible,” said Dotson.  

At just 15-years-old, Mary Dotson was feeling the first-hand effects of World War II.

“D-Day has always made me cry because it was such an awful time in all the war, I don’t know, I can’t think about it without boo hooing I was quite young then, It made it such an impression on me that I’ve still got that feeling,” said Dotson. 

The now 90-year-old woman from North Carolina says she was constantly worried about her two brothers enlisted in the service.

“When I was young it just affected me more than it would not, it was heart wrenching,” said Dotson. 

Finally, when she turned 16, she made a *riveting” choice.

She got a job at a telephone company in Detroit to play her part in the war.

A company where calls were constantly flying in from Detroit factories, where war planes were being made.

“The war ended before I got to be 17-18 but I’m proud of what I did and I would be happy to do whatever I could if we were foolish enough to be in another war, God forbid,” said Dotson. 

Now she prides herself in being one of the women working during the war.

But even prouder to be a member of a family that fought for freedom.

“I spent most of my time worrying about my brothers and thinking about all the awful things going on the battles,” said Dotson. 

And those feelings still a part of her life, 75 years later.

“It crushed me, I’ve never gotten over it.  I could still see a battle going on. Other battles now I still cry because you don’t ever get over that kind of thing,” said Dotson. 

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