RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Romar Lyle is living his best life after shedding almost 200 pounds to become a Richmond police officer. After graduating from the academy two weeks ago, Lyle shared his incredible weight-loss journey with 8News.

Officer Lyle hits the gym hard, working out seven days a week. At one point, he was tipping the scale at over 400 pounds but now he’s down to 222.

“You get use to going in stores and things don’t fit, you get use to saying I can’t go on this roller coaster,” Lyle said Wednesday.

At his heaviest, Lyle knew something had to change.

“I did try to go to the gym here and there and it never stuck because when I would go in there people would just laugh at me,” he explained.

Lyle has jumped through every obstacle he’s faced while putting in the work at the gym every day. A few things have not been easy for him, especially the dieting.

“Cookies, ice cream, pizza,” Lyle said when asked what he had to cut out.

He had to put down the junk food and pick up the weights but with a supportive team, consistent exercise and a healthy diet, the results Lyle attained are undeniable. Lyle transformed his body to live out his dream of helping people.

“Being a police officer and working towards that, you have to be in physical shape,” he explained.

Lyle is now patrolling the streets of Richmond after graduating from the academy on Nov. 1, 2019.

“Every day I go in their with a mindset of I can help,” Lyle told 8News. “Me working on my weight loss I need to make sure that I’m in shape so that I can help anybody. A lot of it is just I try to come here and push myself.”

Pushing through the pain, healthy is no longer a chore but has become Officer Lyle’s lifestyle.