SALEM, Va. (WFXR) — In Dr. Gary Lupton’s computer science class at Salem High School, students learn how to prepare themselves for the future.

“We’ve learned how the type codes and how data is transferred over the internet and how the internet works,” said sophomore Yuvrag Singh.

Students learn to code, calculate, and solve problems. This was the perfect criteria for the grant. Dr. Lupton applied for the grant and won.

“Here we are trying to figure out how to spend $10,000,” said Dr. Lupton.

The grant from goes to teachers who help students access and expand computer science skills. That’s exactly what Dr. Lupton was looking to do at Salem High School to give students more hands-on, tangible training.

“Some of my other classes are building apps and they {students} can see those apps in their actual environments,” said Dr. Lupton.

He plans to buy more robotic devices to help students see their programs come alive, in 3D. He will purchase some IOS and android tablets, among other gadgets. This opportunity gives students a better look at the industry to really give them hands-on experience and a true idea of careers available in computer science, as there are plenty. Students win.

“This is the only High School in Virginia to win this award. He’ll {Dr. Lupton} be able to provide for students they otherwise wouldn’t have had. This is a shining example of the difference teachers make,” said Superintendent of Salem schools Dr. Curtis Hicks.

Students agree, where they may have been unsure of their career path in computer science, now having more money to access more skills, measures up their options.