ROANOKE, Va, (WFXR) — Roanoke City Public Schools students are making strides in academics. After months in isolation and online learning because of the pandemic, students and teachers are happy to be back in the classrooms, and it shows.

The student body at Roanoke City Public Schools has come a long way since the beginning of the pandemic. Just like every school district, nationwide, students are working hard to regain pre-pandemic scores.

“We are doing quite a bit to make sure our students are catching up if you will. we want them to excel in every area regardless of what they choose to pursue,” says Superintendent Verletta White.

Teachers are engaging students through high-quality instruction and that daily instruction moves the academic needle on student performance. That’s the goal. Scores are increasing in reading and literacy across the content areas.

“When I say literacy, I don’t just mean reading. I mean reading, writing, speaking, and listening throughout the content areas,” says Superintendent White.

Students are indeed getting the work done considering all the time spent in isolation. Some suffered great losses during the pandemic, so reconnecting with students, staff, and the community is imperative.

“I’m so proud of our teachers, our staff members, administrators for connecting with our kids and connecting with their parents, so we can get them the supports that they need so they can catch up and they can do better,” says Superintendent White.

To assess how well Roanoke City Public School students are doing, the district will monitor student progress every six weeks to make sure everyone is on track and ‘Making the Grade’.