ROANOKE, Va (WFXR) — With temperatures dropping, experts are advising the community to be careful on the roads. They say the incoming winter weather could cause hazardous driving conditions.

Jason Bond with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) says the best thing people can do is stay off the roads entirely.

“Just a few differences in degrees of temperature will make an impact on what kind of driving conditions we see on Saturday and Sunday,” said Bond.

Although, if you do have to drive, he says it’s imperative you take extra precautions.

“If you absolutely must drive, prepare an emergency kit. Have things like your medications, blankets, water, maybe some food, kitty litter for traction — have those items in your car if you do have to head out,” said Bond.

Botetourt County Fire and EMS Deputy Chief Jeff Powell agrees that people need to be mindful when driving in uncertain conditions.

“Slow down. We see a lot of folks that drive unsafe for the conditions, and we really want to make sure that everybody has a safe weekend and doesn’t get involved in a crash,” said Powell.

First responders are also gearing up for winter weather.

“Anytime we’ve got severe weather coming into the area, we’re always taking additional steps to prepare our equipment and personnel,” said Deputy Chief Powell.

Some Roanoke residents say they too are planning to just stay put.

“I probably, if it starts snowing, won’t really go anywhere, just stay in my house,” said one resident.

VDOT tells WFXR they will be pre-treating the interstate and other highly travelled roads. However, bond adds that there is potential for re-freezing after the storm.