ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — Virginia State Police is warning people to be aware of phone scams that are already costing people large amounts of money.

VSP says there have been several cases opened this week regarding the incidents. Calls are listed as being from law enforcement agencies — including the Department of Justice. They say most of the time, the caller ID containing the names is misspelled but shows they originate in the continental U.S.

The targeter will have information pertaining to the victim including names, addresses and other personal information. Sgt. Rick Garletts says those most vulnerable to these attacks have had run-ins with the police in the past. Then they tend to threaten the victim with arrest if they do not pay immediately.

“They don’t want to be targeted again by the police, so these people are trolling them and finding out that information on them. Then it’s used against them because they don’t want to be arrested again,” said Garletts.

Garletts says there has been as much as $16,000 given away by a victim of the calls.

State Police want to reassure the public that no police agency or federal law enforcement will call and require a cash payment over the phone.

They recommend that if you receive a call of this nature to not agree to pay, hang up and report the call right away. If you question the call, VSP says to call your local court system or agency that the call supposedly originated from, by looking up the number from a trusted source.

They say not to call the number that originates on the caller ID.

WFXR News wants to know how many scam calls do you get per day. Results will air on “WFXR News First at Ten.”