(WFXR) — Summer vacation may be over, but for one Hokie from Roanoke, she got to spend it practicing the art of visual storytelling by helping to capture, create, and preserve content at Getty Images through a prestigious internship program offered by the Television Academy Foundation.

Kaitlyn ‘Katie’ Dillon, a member of William Byrd High School’s Class of 2019 and Virginia Tech’s Class of 2023, was among 40 students from across the country chosen by members of the Television Academy for the 2022 summer program.

Officials say the foundation provides paid internships to college students every year at top Hollywood studios and production companies.

For Dillon, a senior majoring in multimedia journalism at the Blacksburg university, her summer internship took her on a remote journey to the Interactive Media Department at Getty Images, where experts identify cultural shifts, spearhead trends, and fuel the creative economy.

“I am very grateful for the experience to learn with the Television Academy and want to take advantage of all the opportunities this internship provides,” Dillon said.  “I hope to use these skills to create more inclusive and diverse media for the next generation.”

WFXR News’ Colleen Guerry sat down with Dillon to learn more about her path to Getty Images, as well as what she learned about the media industry through her internship.

CG: Tell me about yourself.

CG: What made you want to go into journalism?

CG: Was there a particular teacher or class — whether at William Byrd High or Virginia Tech — that was especially helpful or inspirational for your path?

CG: Describe the process you went through to become one of the 40 interns chosen for the Television Academy Foundation’s program.

CG: What was your first thought when you were accepted into the program?

CG: You’re working remotely with Getty Images’ Interactive Media Department. What does that entail?

Dillon says that she was assigned to Getty Images, adding that she only knew she was applying to interactive media positions through the Television Academy Foundation’s internship program

CG: What’s next for you?

CG: What is your ultimate goal for your career?

CG: What advice would you give to aspiring journalists?

During her internship, Dillon says she was “star-struck” every day by her mentors and the amazing things they do, adding that it ignites her passion again.

According to the Roanoke Hokie, she says she went through burnout last semester, but being able to connect with people through her internship has made her really excited about her future.

Representatives for the Television Academy Foundation say that the internship program also provides professional development sessions with TV industry leaders, as well as customized seminars covering personal brand-building and navigating the job market.

In addition, interns reportedly become lifelong members of the foundation’s alumni family, offering them access to events and networking opportunities to help them build their careers in the industry.

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