Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine has 100% match rate on Match Day

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It’s an exciting day for medical students across the nation and across Virginia. Match Day is when med students find out which residency program they’ll be attending. 

“The pressure is on,” says Nathan Ziman who learned he will be joining his girlfriend at Baylor College of Medicine. “Once that letter is in your hand, you want to have a good feeling but you know it can go either way. So I was, for lack of a better term, I was freaking out,” says Ziman. 

Many students have their heart set on a particular residency program, but where they end up is often out of their hands.

“Residency programs will rank everyone they interviewed, students will rank every place that they interviewed. That data gets placed into a computer that spits out a match and that’s why it’s called the national residency matching program,” says Aubrey Knight, senior dean of student affairs at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. 

There are often more applicants than there are available residencies. But for each of its six graduating classes, Virginia Tech Carilion has had a 100% matching rate. 

“The fact that we have maintained for these six yeas one hundred percent matches is remarkable and a testament to our students and to their hard work and the dedication that they’ve put into these five years,” says Knight. 

Many of these students have come a long way from where they first began. 

“I was just sitting with my roommate, sitting right behind him. We moved to Roanoke, we had no chairs, no couches, we ate on the floor for the first week and now that we’re done, or almost done, I have no words. It’s amazing,” says Knight. 

But as this chapter of their lives comes to a close, a new one has just begun.

Andrew Hanna
Going to VCU 
“You get to have all this responsibility, and with that responsbility you’re able to do a lot. So I’m super excited. It’s going to be a wonderful journey,” says Andrew Hanna, who learned he is going to Virginia Commonwealth University.

The students will graduate in May and begin their residencies in July. 

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