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A trusting workplace is transparent.  It’s a place where you’ll witness strong relationships and cohesion between departments. The bottom line – people are happy and productive. In this week’s Virginia at Work we tackle the issue of trust or the lack thereof in the workplace.

According to Cortex Leadership Consulting, there are six elements of trust when building relationships in the workplace:

  • Sincerity
  • Involvement
  • Reliability
  • Time
  • Competency
  • Standards

Lynda McNutt Foster, CEO of Cortex Leadership Consulting, shared this article with information about those six elements and why they are so important for companies to thrive. In the article, she also shares  team building exercises to complete with your staff.

Here’s a sobering glimpse at a recent Maritz Research Poll:

  • 25% of participants said they had less trust in management than a year ago
  • 14% believed leaders in their company were ethical and honest
  • 12% reported an employer who genuinely cared about employees
  • 7% thought senior management’s words and actions were consistent

Foster says when there is a lack of trust, the end result is disengagement.  Her advice goes for both leaders and employees on how to build that trust, and it involves conversational intelligence.

She says, “The leader needs to listen. They need to listen to information, not confirmation.  They need to be pausing, taking in the person’s body language. What’s their tone of voice?  Those type of things during a conversation, can be really powerful that the leader needs to listen to,” and she adds, “I think employees need to meet the leader halfway. I think they need to openly communicate in a respectful, effective way what really matters the most to them, and let the leader think about the request they’ve given them.”

Foster will join Adam Linkenauger, the CEO of I Love Basketball, for a live in-studio interview with our Good Day Virginia team Monday morning.  If podcasts are your thing, I also joined the two for a three part podcast on the topic, in which Linkenauger shares how he built enough trust to grow his online community that includes close to 1.5 million Facebook fans.

Both Linkenauger and Foster will join our Good Day Virginia team tomorrow morning, live in-studio, to talk about how you can build that same trust with your team, and your clients.

We also recorded a three part podcast with Foster and Linkenauger on the topic.  You can listen by clicking on part one, part two, and part three.

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