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The new year brings with it, new hires.

How employers Onboard those new employees can be the difference between keeping them or risk having them walk out the door.

In Virginia at Work, we take a look at what needs to happen in The First 90 Days to acclimate your hire to the new job and surroundings.

“Companies pay a big price when they don’t pay attention to onboarding,” says Lynda McNutt Foster, CEO of Cortex Leadership Consulting.

Foster works with area leaders to help them understand the importance of making sure new employees feel like they fit into their new role and the culture of their new company.

When looking at leaders and how they welcome hires, the Society for Human Resource Management, or SHRM, reports that a formal onboarding process, which involves a coordinated set of policies and procedures to help an employee adjust, is more successful than an informal process, in which an employee learns about a new job without an explicit organizational plan.

After compiling research, SHRM discovered just how important Onboarding truly is, stating:

In the U.S., more than 25% of the working population experiences career transition.
Half of all senior outside hires fail within 18 mohths of a new position.
Half of all hourly workers leave new jobs within the first 120 days.

Foster adds, “The truth is, with your best employees, you are always Onboarding because you are doing stay interviews. You’re making sure they are constantly saying that this is the choice they would make for the place they want to work, regardless of how long they’ve been with you.”

Foster refers to the “Four C’s” complied by SHRM:

Compliance, which includes giving a new hire the handbook to make sure they understand the basic rules.

Clarification includes making sure they understand exactly what is expected of them, which in turn can bring a level of comfort and safety for the new hire.

Culture is important to discuss with a new hire so he or she is brought up to speed on what’s important to your company, because it may not be important in other companies where they have worked.

Connection is the final and highest level piece.

“And that’s the interpersonal relationships you can help build quickly when somebody comes on board. So if you’re bringing somebody on, to the company, you can introduce them to the people they are going to have the most communications with. You want those people to get to know one another. We do things like, how do you want to communicate? How don’t you want to communicate with that other person? It’s a fast-track way to be able to connect with people so that the transactions they do with one another go smoothly, as quickly as possible.

Foster says leaders need to keep in mind, you onboard policies, procedures and people.
Anytime there’s a change, you need to onboard those changes too, even if the people are the same.

Foster will joins our Good Day Virginia team Monday mornings at 7:30 to delve further into our Sunday night topics. She also focuses on good news happening in business throughout our region.

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