Virginia at Work: Sabotaging your work week and how to stop

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As we look to the work week ahead, our Virginia at Work segment addresses an important issue that is within your control – sabotaging your own work week.
It can, and does happen.

Take a look at successful people; the team at Cortex Leadership Consulting says successful people focus on those things that are within their control to change or modify. It’s distracting to focus on things you have no power over, and the team adds, our words are our world. In a nutshell, what we say to ourselves and to others does make a difference.

Here’s a look at five habits the Cortex Leadership team says might just sabotage your work week ahead:

  1. Envy
  2. “Shoulding” yourself and others. Instead of focusing on reality, you’re focused on what you think “should” be happening.
  3. The “It’s only happening to me” syndrome. It’s likely, whatever “it” is, has also happened to someone else and they made it through, so take the time to learn from them and get ideas on how to move forward.
  4. Using counterproductive words. You should think about the effect your words will have before you speak.
  5. Taking responsibility for things you do not have authority for.

“Affirmations from the 1970s were the big thing. We were supposed to wake up and go, ‘Wow I’m going to have a great day! Oh, it’s going to be a beautiful day!’ Research shows that to trigger your higher level thinking, it’s much better to ask a question to yourself. ‘Am I going to have a good day? How is that meeting going to go? How would I like that meeting to go?’ Much better way to start your day, than it is trying to convince yourself everything is going to be wonderful,” says Lynda McNutt Foster, the CEO of Cortex Leadership Consulting.

As an executive coach, Foster has worked with numerous professional teams, and has researched the topic to find the best advice to help you progress through the work week that is helpful to both yourself and your team. Click here for more details on her advice, and an exercise she has shared, to help your team move in the right direction this week.

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