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“Virginia at Work” will be a weekly Sunday evening segment on WFXR News First at Ten, to help people launch the work week. It helps you get the job, keep the job, impress managers with your skill set, or become a manager yourself.

Lynda McNutt foster, CEO at “Cortex Leadership Consulting,” will share her expertise in job coaching and executive training for the segment. She has helped corporate and individual clients with everything from leading successful teams, to mastering the art of time.

In fact, that’s where we start … mastering what little time it feels like you have. With 24 hours a day/7 days a week, Foster emphasizes it’s about designing time and energy around the outcomes you want.

Foster shares, what she says, are seven simple steps to “Time Mastery.”

  • Focus on your richest outcomes
  • Create and commit to your non-negotiables
  • Increase your time metabolism
  • map, measure, and monitor your time
  • Delegate or eliminate what you procrastinate
  • Operate in short sprints
  • Build in rest and recovery periods

“Talk about, with their family, with their teams, with their bosses, what they truly want. Then they need to set non-negotiables. What’s non-negotiable? If being at your kid’s softball game at 5:30 every day, or 3 days a week is a non-negotiable, then talk to everybody about that, and truly make it non-negotiable. We don’t have conversations. We don’t have deep exchanges between the people it’s going to affect what our non-negotiables are. So that’s where all the drama comes from, where all the resentment comes from,” says Foster.

Once her clients begin to successfully follow those seven steps, Foster says they start focusing on the things that deeply matter to them.  They begin to learn if they say yes to one thing, then they need to learn to say no to something else.

To learn more about “Virginia at Work” and this particular topic … Lynda will also appear live, in-studio each Monday morning on Good Day Virginia.  You can also click here for more information and a 10-question quiz to take an honest look at how you currently handle your time, and might need improvements.

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