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Each Sunday night we partner with Roanoke’s Cortex Leadership Consulting to help you get your work week started. In this week’s edition of Virginia at Work, we look at the best ways to conduct an interview to ensure you get the best person for the job.

The Cortex Leadership team has poured over the research and says employers get the best outcomes when they can make an interviewee feel comfortable. You want to know what that potential hire is really like, not what their anxious self is like.

Some important questions the team says you should be asked include, “How do you handle stress and pressure?”

Lynda McNutt Foster with Cortex Leadership Consulting says, “you want to look for answers like, I run. I’m able to relax. I meditate. How do they manage their stress these days, because there’s nobody who doesn’t have any.”

Another question she advises you ask, “When have you been so passionate about an activity that you lost track of time, and what were you doing?”

Foster says, “what really motivates that person. What are they truly passionate about.  If you can tap into that passion with the position you are about to give them, you are going to have a highly engaged, long term employee.”

Also, she says you should ask “Is there anything in your background that you would like to share with me now rather than me finding it out later?”

Foster says, “I think after you’ve had so many experiences, with bad hires, you start to get very strategic about the interview process,” and she adds, “Take your time. Do your research. Interview plenty of people. Do your assessments on the person. Do a thorough interview. Let other people in your company interview them as well, so that you are slow to hire, faster to let them go if they are not working out or a fit.”

She adds, the marketplace is changing so quickly, if you make a bad hire, it can cost you a great deal of time and money and energy and stress on the rest of your staff.  Click here, for access to an article she wrote with more details on the topic of how to conduct that all-star interview.

Next week she will address the flip side of the coin – how to prepare for and be a great interview – as the interviewee.

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