MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va (WFXR) — Trial is officially underway for Jamel Flint– the man charged in connection with the deadly hookah lounge shooting in Blacksburg that happened in February 2022. One person was killed, and four others were wounded.

In opening statements, the Commonwealth said it believes this is an act of revenge. Jamel Flint himself has shot just a matter of months before this incident– through a series of interviews done with police, the prosecutors say they believe Flint shot these people because he felt they had something to do with him getting shot.

The defense, however, emphasizes ‘reasonable doubt’ to the jury. It says information can often be slanted.

The defense encouraged the jury to keep that in mind as they listened to witness testimonies and considered the evidence being brought forward.

In an interview with a Blacksburg Police detective, Flint allegedly insinuated that the shooting at the hookah lounge may have been somehow connected with those involved in shooting him.

“He never overtly said that he was the person shooting. But he had made several statements you know kinda alleviating to that fact and one of those statements that he had made was it’s all fun and games when the tables are turned,” said Detective Hite, Blacksburg Police Department.

However, the defense argues that Flint didn’t take any “acts of revenge” immediately following being shot multiple months prior to this incident. Adding that with the amount of commotion from the night, much of which is caught on surveillance footage, the defense feels it is possible something could have been overlooked in the investigation.

Flint’s trial is set to continue on Tuesday, September 12 at 9 AM.