Bedford Town Council members voted to approve a redevelopment project that will transform the face of an old middle school. 

The school property became a topic of discussion when Bedford converted from a City to a Town in 2017.

Waukeshaw Development Inc. will work on the project for the 8.37-acre site. 

The former middle school is made up of three buildings: a Main building, “Old Yellow,” the Cafeteria building and the Gymnasium. 

“We are all very excited about the great potential associated with this project — as well as the ability to preserve a very important component of our community’s identity and architectural heritage,” says Town Manager Bart Warner in a statement to WFXR News. 

“Old Yellow,” a stucco building, will be converted into a boutique hotel according to Warner. 

Waukeshaw will transform the Main building, which was used for middle school classes, into apartments. The developer plans to preserve the auditorium to create a performance space. 

The Cafeteria building is expected to become a commerical space for new businesses, it’s located on the back side of the main building. 

The Gymnasium and Athletics fields will remain in their current condition for recreational activities.