Tim Green shares his story after announcing he has been diagnosed with ALS

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It’s been just over a week since tim green made his battle with ALS public,  first posting the news on Facebook and then sharing his story with all of America on 60 minutes.
Since that emotional interview aired more than one million dollars has been donated to Tackle ALS an initiative started by Green himself. 
The goal is aimed at raising awareness and money needed for critical research that could one day lead to a cure. Sports director Steve Infanti at our sister station WSYR sat down with Tim Green, who says despite this devastating diagnosis has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

“So many people were touched by that 60 minutes piece that aired the other night. So many people had no idea what you were going through the last several years. What have have the last few days been like for you and your family since your story went public,” said Steve Infanti. 

“It’s really been heart warming to have all the support. You know, you live each day as it comes and you’re thankful for all the things you have, and you don’t dwell on the things you don’t have,” said Tim Green. 

“Five years you started noticing something going on with your hands. And then two years ago I believe was the official diagnosis with ALS. Why did now feel like the right time to share your story,” said Steve Infanti. 

“I decided I wasn’t going to say anything to anyone about it until I had to. People can now look at this and know something is not right. So once I couldn’t hide it anymore, then it was the right time to tell people,” said Tim Green.

“Troy when you were growing up and somebody said ‘describe, to me, your dad,’ ya know I’m sure football player came to mind, lawyer, author…Now that you’re an adult, when someone says ‘tell me about your dad,’ how would you describe him,” said Steve Infanti. 

“I would say, um, kind of the definition of a family man. Um, a warrior, a role model, ya know really all the things that you want to be as a young boy or as an adult, kind of what you aspire to be. Um, and none if it’s really ever changed. It’s always been about more than just the obvious football player, lawyer, author and all that stuff comes to your mind first… But when you really get to know my dad, there’s more than the accomplishes, they’re an afterthought. It’s more about the person he is,” said Troy Green, Tim Green’s son. 

“Tim you said on 60 minutes the other night, you believe the game of football contributed to this. Do you believe that the NFL is doing enough to maximize players’ safety and minimize head injuries and everything that results from that,” said Steve Infanti 

“Yeah I do. I believe that if I was playing today this wouldn’t have happened,” said Tim Green. 

“What’s a normal day for you now,” said Steve Infanti.

“Oh, I still don’t have a normal day. I look forward to having dinner. We usually have everyone for dinner in the evening, I love that,” said Tim Green.  

To donate to Tackle ALS you can click here: https://www.tackleals.com/

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